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If you’re reading this, chances are you love caramel (we do too!) From candy to flavored coffee; caramel is everywhere, and for a good reason. Caramel is used as ice cream topping, dessert fillings and, as we prefer it, just by itself as a soft candy treat. Caramel is rich and warm and incredibly satisfying, too. 34662901 - bowl of melted caramel sauce on old wooden table Seeing as how your love of caramel runs deep, you may be wondering where your favorite sweet treat came from, and you may be surprised to know that nobody actually knows. Isn’t it fascinating that something that is so popular and has been around for so long can still not have a clear origin? While it certainly doesn’t change the delicious flavor, here is what we do know:

Caramel has existed for longer than you may even realize. Some accounts suggest that the most basic form of caramel was first made by the Arabic nation in the year 1,000 AD by the mixing of sugar and water to form a crystallized, hardened form of the candy. They first referred to it as a loving term that translates to some version of “ball of sweet.”

The addition of milk and fat didn’t happen for many years. It seems to be the consensus that the typical caramel we acknowledge today was first formed somewhere around the year 1860 AD with the addition of milk and fat into the boiling sugar water. This created the first softer, more chewy caramel candy.

The caramels at Mountainland Caramel Co. have their history. With all due respect to the history of caramel candies, we make ours a little differently. When you hear us say, “just like Grandma would make it,” we mean it. We fuse hot butter, cream, and sugar, just like Grandma did for many years before our company was even founded. The careful monitoring of the candy thermometer contributes to the sweet perfection you’ll experience when you bite into one of our delectable treats.

We now put the same loving care into our confections as Grandma did into hers, making sure to maintain the integrity of those beautiful caramels from years past, and keep our caramels fresh, high-quality, and hand-made, with zero preservatives. It goes without saying that we are grateful for the invention of caramel, whoever it may have come from. It’s because of this history that we can work in our passion and bring caramel treats to all of our customers.

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