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About Us

Our Story

My father has fond memories, as a young boy, of coming home from school and taking in the amazing aroma of hot butter, cream and sugar fusing together into sweet perfection. He remembers the warm and welcoming smile on his mother’s face as she stirred the ingredients and carefully monitored the candy thermometer until the most amazing caramel on the planet was ready.

Grandma earned a reputation far and wide for her velvety smooth and exceptionally flavorful old-fashioned caramels. Dad continued the legacy with the same recipe and careful methods and passed the tradition on to his own kids. I loved making the caramels with him and frequently got caught stealing them when I thought no one was looking. Throughout my adult life, friends in the neighborhood have longed for and anticipated my caramels during the Christmas season. It was common to hear them say, “You should go into business with these caramels because they are by far the best I have ever tasted”!

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Mountainland Caramels

Our Priorities

I have always prioritized being present for my kids ahead of everything else; However, with all of the kids but one out of the house, I decided to embark on the adventure of starting my own caramel business.

The MountainLand Caramel Company was officially established in 2017 with the primary objective of maintaining the integrity of the home-made goodness, as if Grandma were still cooking every batch. Every step of the process is hand-made and no preservatives are used to bring you the freshest, highest quality caramel available.

I am excited to share these caramels with you and hope that you enjoy them as much as we do.

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