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There is something that chefs, bakers, and home cooks do when making food or dessert that makes their dish stand out above the rest. It may be second nature to them at some point in their careers or come naturally after a load of experience, but it’s all about flavor profiles and pairings. A sweet-toothed child eats chocolate. Selective focus.

Two food items go well together because they serve to enhance the flavor of each other. You may know that pork and apples pair nicely, or chocolate with strawberries or, famously, peas and carrots.

It’s all the same for caramel! If you’re already enjoying this fine treat, why not consider trying it out alongside other foods? Doing so will make both foods exponentially better than they were alone. Here are the foods you should consider pairing with caramel for maximum flavor.

This pairing is very well known. After all, who hasn’t had a luscious, delicious caramel apple at some point in their lives and loved every second of eating it. With or without nuts and any other additions, it’s a dessert with a healthy vibe that we are 100% not mad at.

The acidity of coffee is leveled out by the addition of sweet caramel. Have you ever enjoyed a caramel frappuccino? It’s really easy to do because it’s sweet and has an incredible depth of flavor. Make it salted caramel and really elevate your java.

Candy bars, anyone? There are so many chocolate and caramel bars on the shelves, and it’s all because, naturally, chocolate and caramel go together so well. They are the base of sweets and the pinnacle of delicious.

Ginger has a sharp tang to it, but when you pair it with velvety caramel, it smooths everything out, making it cohesive and irresistible in whatever you may be making.

These four items are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to food that pairs well with the flavor of caramel. Try these and other flavor combinations out, and see if you aren’t impressed!

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