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There are those who throw a dinner party or any get-together and they make it seem like they must have been a professional party planner in a previous life. You notice the small details, the extremely high level of organization, and the perfect platters of food and you think, “There is no way I can live up to this expectation.” ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

The good news is you don’t have to! To some, the planning and execution of gatherings come naturally. For those of us who do not fall into that category, know that you can still find success in hosting any get-together and make it simple, too. After all, having interactions with your friends has shown to improve mood and reduce stress. Why muddle that up by then allowing yourself to become stressed about your hosting abilities?

Here’s how to make your gathering a simple (yet successful) one.

Make it casual.
Everyone likes to be in a place where the only thing they have to worry about is how they can speak to all of their friends at the same time. There should be laughter and good conversation above all else. There is no need to put any pressure on your guests to have to do anything besides show up and have a good time. No dress code required. If your get together is casual, it will set the tone and you’ll feel more comfortable in this element too.

Prepare in advance.
Part of being able to keep a less harried and more casual vibe to your gathering is to have the preparation done ahead of time. Know what you’ll be serving and where everyone will sit. Having a general timeline put together for yourself will ease a lot of stress as well. The preparation phase doesn’t have to — and shouldn’t be — complicated. Just think of it as an outline that can best prepare you for the day.

Show appreciation.
Of course you appreciate the pleasure of your friends’ company. Saying so goes a long way. As guests are on their way out, thank them for spending time at your home and maybe even offer them a goodie bag. We may all be adults, but goodie bags never go out of style. You can include our caramels in the package along with any other small treats you know they’ll enjoy. It’s just a token of your appreciation that speaks volumes.

Ready to host your next gathering? Of course you are! Good luck and remember to always have fun.

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