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20408264 - pouring sweet caramel sauce on a white backgroundFoods that contain ingredients you can’t pronounce can be scary, and thankfully, the current market is becoming more aware of them. People want fewer artificial ingredients and preservatives and more real, handcrafted food.

Preservatives have their place—they can help food maintain a longer shelf life—allowing you to consume it safely down the road. But they can also be concerning, at least some of them. Some studies have shown certain preservatives might have adverse side effects, including increasing the odds of high blood pressure, asthma, and heart disease.

The point is, more people are coming to appreciate foods without preservatives, and we recognize this. Our caramels are fresh, handcrafted, contain high-quality ingredients, and NO preservatives. Trust us, you’ll notice the difference in the taste alone. These aren’t your standard store-bought candies. They are luxury caramels like no other.

And if you like variety, you’ll be happy to hear we offer many different flavors. You can choose from black licorice, butter rum, caramel pecan, red hot cinnamon, macadamia nut, salted caramel, and old fashioned caramel.

Next time you’re craving sweets or looking for the perfect gift, you can feel good about choosing our caramels. No preservatives to be found here!

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