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It was my father's 80th birthday and he loves caramels and licorice. I wanted to find him some candy that wouldn't be too hard for him to chew and that wouldn't stick to his teeth. MountainLand caramels are perfect they're soft and chewy but don't stick to your teeth. My father was thrilled that everyone at this party loved the caramels…..Especially the licorice flavor!

Cammie ArchibaldAlpine, Utah

For the past 30 years, our company has been sending customers a token of our gratitude for their continued support and business. This year, we ordered our client gifts through The MountainLand Caramel Company. The baskets of decadent hand-crafted sweets we received exceeded our expectations. Each was beautifully wrapped and custom to our business needs. The caramels, chocolates, caramel corn and pretzels were fresh and SO wonderful. We have had dozens of calls from customers and friends thanking us for the baskets--many asking how they can get some of the delicious caramel for themselves. MountainLand's service and product are both the sweetest around. We are already looking forward to partnering with them again next year.

Michelle JensenMBi Nutraceuticals, Lindon, Utah

My entire family is hooked on these caramels! My dad keeps a stash in his office under lock and key. I ordered custom gift baskets from them for my customers last year and the reaction was phenomenal! Everyone keeps asking me if I have more caramel for them.

Wade TolmanTolman Construction, Layton, Utah

These caramels are so AMAZING! I have started using them as business gifts to my best customers. It helps a lot when I have bad news to deliver or need to ask them for something difficult. I would recommend MountainLand Caramels to anyone!

Thomas DevineDaybreak, Utah

We ordered the Caramel Dip for our neighborhood Christmas gifts and they were a HUGE hit!! People were asking where we got them and how they could get their hands on more. We ran out multiple times and kept needing to order more! We love caramel in our house and going with MountainLand Caramels was a no-brainer. The dip is perfect for apples or just eating straight! We'll definitely be going with them again next year and know the caramel will be just as big of a hit if not bigger!

Keri HatchAlpine, Utah

The MountainLand Caramel Company

My father has fond memories, as a young boy, of coming home from school and taking in the amazing aroma of hot butter, cream and sugar fusing together into sweet perfection. He remembers the warm and welcoming smile on his mother’s face as she stirred the ingredients and carefully monitored the candy thermometer until the most amazing caramel on the planet was ready.

Highest Quality

Hand-crafted, hand-wrapped with only the highest quality ingredients. With no preservatives…. EVER.


Caramels, chocolates, and drizzles all made daily to guarantee the freshest product.


We want every order to be perfect and special. We take extra care packaging and presenting our product to make it perfect for you.

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