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Caramels. Chewy, soft, decadent, sweet, enticing, and so much more!16749560_M Have you ever wondered how caramels came to be?

Caramels date back to 1650 when Americans were making hard candy in kettles by crystallizing sugar in boiling water. They were making caramels before they even knew what they were. At the time, people called it “hard candy” or a “lollipop”! Between 1650 and the 1880s, the treat turned into the soft, delicious caramel we know today when somebody decided to experiment and add fat and milk to the mixture. Before that, caramel was usually made with sugar beet juice instead of sugar as the white, powdery confection was more of a luxury and harder to come by back then.

We still make all of our caramels by hand, and use no preservatives or additives. It’s part of what makes our caramels so fresh, and dare we say, delicious! Oh you can definitely taste the amazing difference in every bite.

At Mountainland Caramel Co., we have perfected our caramels to have that “authentic old-fashioned taste.” They melt in your mouth and don’t stick to your teeth. And, of course, they taste deliciously amazing! Now, who wouldn’t want that? Are you craving some caramels? We sure are! Place your order by clicking here and you’ll be getting some of the best delivered right to your door.

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