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When we care about someone, whether they be family, friends or neighbors, we want to make sure they always know how we feel about them, that they are appreciated, that we cherish them and the time we spend together. ???????????????????????????????????

So how do we show appreciation for the loved ones in our lives? Easy! Here are simple ideas to get you started.

1. Spend time together.
That time spent doesn’t have to be extravagant or involve any grand gestures. Sometimes the best time spent together is filled with those moments where you relax and recharge together without having to speak a word.

2. Listen and ask questions.
The more time we spend with the people we love, the more we get to know the person they are at their core. All the more reason to love and appreciate them! But remember to ask questions to show your genuine care about how they feel and how they’re doing. Ask how they are, ask how they are processing any circumstance they may be going through, ask what’s new. When they respond, really listen.

3. Buy them a small gift.
No need to spend a fortune — a small gift or their favorite sweet treat to celebrate a milestone, congratulate them on an accomplishment, or simply as a “just because” goes a long way.

4. Give compliments.
No matter how strong our relationships or how long they’ve been formed, everyone likes to be noticed! Pay a friend a compliment on a new haircut. Compliment a co-worker on their presentation. Let a neighbor know that their new landscaping looks great. Just showing that you notice is a way to show you care and want the recipient to know it.

Don’t forget to let the important people in your life know you care! It’s key to a long-lasting and very enjoyable relationship.

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