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There is something about this time of year that gives us the warm and fuzzies. It’s the nostalgia that comes with putting up a tree. The twinkling lights around the neighborhood. The holiday music blasting from car stereos. It’s even the holiday television specials that have been around for more than 50 years.close up of friends opening christmas gifts

It’s also the season of giving, of spreading joy among friends, family, and your community. It’s bringing light into someone’s life and letting one feel the holiday cheer that you do. Here’s how to spread that joy!

1. Volunteer.
During the holidays you tend to feel more grateful because you quickly realize how many people out there have it worse off. Yet these same people are also grateful for what they DO have. It’s a beautiful thing. Take some time out of your day to volunteer for organizations that support the less fortunate. Think about how good you’ll feel scooping ladles at your local soup kitchen and how grateful the recipient will feel in having a hot meal and a quick conversation with someone who cares.

2. Buy thoughtful gifts.
In this new age of minimalism, some thoughtful gifts are where it’s at. Think of experiences rather than stuff. What can you do together that will create memories beyond the act of unwrapping the gift?

3. Surprise with treats.
Who doesn’t love treats, right? Of course, we personally recommend our very own caramels, now available in holiday gift baskets of varying sizes. You can even choose which flavors you want to include! We make our caramels without preservatives and in a small-batch operation so you and your loved ones will only get the freshest, most high-quality caramels. Bonus: We donate a portion of our proceeds to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

4. Leave a nice tip.
Those who work in restaurants are busting their you-know-what this time of year. If you feel you have received exceptional service, think about increasing your normal tipping amount by a dollar or two. It may not make a difference to you and it’ll make a major difference to your server.

5. Buy a stranger their morning coffee.
The seasons are always hectic. There may be late nights and early mornings in preparation and lots of intense holiday shopping, among other things. Coffee lines are sometimes around the building. Consider buying a stranger their morning cup o’ joe and if they pay it forward, even better!

‘Tis the season for kindness and mirth! What else can you do to brighten someone’s day?

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