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Let’s be honest. The world is operating at breakneck speed. There is always some emerging tech that encourages us to do things better, faster and more hands-free. We frequently have our head down, eyes on screen, and forget to engage with the real world around us. In fact, have you heard that burnout syndrome is now a recognized medical condition? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

With all of that being said, none of us want to live the life that’s so fast-paced we have a hard time slowing down at all. How can we go back to the simple pleasures and to truly appreciating the small things in life?

Here are the benefits of doing so!

1. Increased confidence
2. Newly formed friendships
3. Ability to relax
4. Renewed sense of self
5. More care and compassion for others
6. Wonder at the world
7. Appreciation for everything
8. General happiness

Sounds great, right? These are very attainable benefits that you’ll start experiencing right away if you try to do these things:

1. Pay compliments. Genuine compliments let the person you’re speaking to know that you’re noticing something about them that deserves to be recognized. It’ll give you a feel-good feeling, too.

2. Go screen-free. Again, an immersion in the tech around us can be isolating to others and to our environment. Even for only 15 minutes, turn your phone on silent and put it completely away. Then sit on your porch or a park bench and simply take in your surroundings.

3. Practice self-care. Almost nothing allows a recharge more than a little bit of self-care. Of course, this looks different for everyone. You could appreciate a dinner out with friends, a nighttime routine where you pamper yourself, or even a sweet treat.

Of course, there are so many other ways to appreciate the small things and so many other benefits you’ll notice, too. The important thing to note is that taking in the small things doesn’t have to take away from your goals and your timeline; instead, this renewed sense of the world will only propel you forward with joy and appreciation.

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